MBS Items 132 and 133

As a direct result of the AACP’s advocacy the 2007 Federal Budget included $291.3 million specifically for attendance items 132 and 133 for consultant physicians and paediatricians attending patients with two or more co-morbidities – Learn more.

Following are Medicare updates and information relating to these items.


MBS Item 133
The AACP has negotiated an amendment such that when an item 133 service is provided by a locum, Medicare eligibility is retained for that service. This issue was creating difficulties for our members so we are pleased it has now been resolved.


Using MBS Items 132 and 133
The following information was given to the AACP by the Department of Health and Ageing explaining the correct process for using items 132 and 133.

Item 132

  • duration of at least 45 minutes
  • can be billed once within a twelve month period by the same consultant physician
  • the twelve-month period commences from the date of the initial consult under item 132

Item 133

  • duration of at least 20 minutes
  • cannot be claimed more than twice in any twelve month period
  • both item 133s must be claimed within 12 months from the date item 132 was claimed

For patients that require a second treatment and management plan (item 132), any further item 133s must take into account any previous 133s performed by the same consultant physician in the same 12 month rolling period.

The Department of Human Services has confirmed that their system is set up to allow only one claim per patient per provider of item 132 in a twelve-month period and two item 133s within any 12 month period.

Where to find further information on MBS items 132 and 133

For item descriptors and explanatory notes please see Medicare items 132 and 133, or search the MBS online.

The Department of Health and Ageing has published a list of Questions and Answers for the Consultant Physician attendance items 132 and 133, introduced on November 2007.

More detailed information regarding the claiming requirement of items can be obtained by calling the Medicare Provider Hotline on 132 150 (for practitioners) or 131 011 (for patients).