AACP is a not-for-profit organisation that solely represents all consultant physicians and paediatricians in economic and related workforce matters.

The AACP seeks to enhance the level of Medicare rebates available to your patients for your services and to achieve appropriate ongoing recognition of the advanced training and skills of all consultant physicians and paediatricians.

There is a complementary working relationship between the AACP and the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP). However the RACP, under its Memorandum and Articles, cannot engage directly in matters such as Medicare fees and the rebates available to your patients. For this reason, the AACP was formed.

The AACP focuses on the following areas:

influencing government policy on a range of issues particularly relevant to consultant physicians and paediatricians.

increasing the Medicare benefits available to patients for professional attendance items for consultant physicians and paediatricians, with particular recognition of the increasing complexity of care required by many patients.

improving the level of Medicare benefits available to patients of all Fellows of the RACP. (see Achievements).

supporting consultant physicians and paediatricians who practice in outer urban, rural and remote areas through representations on issues that affect non-metropolitan practice.

encouraging career development across the consultant physician and paediatrician workforce.

working with the RACP on issues relevant to the consultant physician and paediatrician workforce where a joint approach is appropriate.




The AACP is incorporated as a Company limited by guarantee operating as a not-for-profit organisation.

In accordance with the AACP’s charter, its activities are directed by a Council.

Annual Report

AACP Annual Reports contain information on our advocacy, highlights of our achievements and financial information.

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When you join the AACP you are joining a national association that solely focuses on supporting all practising consultant physicians and paediatricians, and their patients.