The AACP rewards members who actively encourage others to join the AACP.

For every new member you refer both you and the new member receive a $50 discount on your annual membership fee.

Refer four new members in a year and your annual membership fee will be FREE.

How do I refer a colleague?

Print the Member-Get-a-Member application form

Print out the Member-Get-A-Member application form, fill out your name as the referring member, and pass it onto your colleague.

Direct them to the AACP website

Direct your colleagues to the AACP website. Have them download and complete the Member-Get-A-Member application form. Remind them to include your name as the referring member.

Spread the word

Share on Twitter or Facebook.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Only applications that have been made using the Member-Get-A-Member application form will be eligible for the offer.
  • To be eligible the referring members name must be clearly written on the application form.
  • Offer valid on new members only and applies to full membership only.
  • Discount for referrer applies to the following years membership fee.
  • To receive free membership four applications must be received in the same calendar year.
  • AACP reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the referral program at any point.