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Represents all consultant physicians and paediatricians to assure recognition of the value of quality consultant physician and paediatric practice in Australia.

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We are pleased to announce the AACP launched its new website in 2022 which includes the new member portal. With the launch of the new website we have moved to online membership renewals. The new member portal enables members to easily renew their membership online, update their details, download receipts, as well as access member-only content.



The AACP is pursuing the introduction of new items for prolonged consultation and review consultations for situations where patients of consultant physicians and paediatricians require significantly longer consultations than available under items 132 & 133. Currently there is provision for longer consultations for geriatric and psychiatric assessments only.


Telehealth MBS Items

Advocacy by the AACP and other medical organisations has now resulted in reinstatement of ALL Telehealth (video/telephone) items, at least up to 30 June 2022, including the items that enable specialist medical practitioners to provide Telehealth consultations to hospital in-patients when their doctor cannot attend the hospital due to COVID-19 restrictions.


MBS Review

The Medicare Benefits Schedule Review was conducted by the MBS Review Taskforce between 2015 and 2020, and was the major policy issue facing the medical profession since its announcement.

The AACP closely monitored and responded to areas of concern for it’s members, and their patients.



MBS items 132 and 133

The AACP achieved a significant win for all consultant physician and paediatric practice with the introduction of two major Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) items – Items 132 and 133.

The AACP identified the need for Medicare items that appropriately recognised the time and skill of consultant physicians and paediatricians in treating patients with increasingly complex conditions. It was then due to the AACP’s sustained advocacy that the Government introduced MBS items 132 and 133 for extended consultations with patients with two or more co-morbidities.

These items are now the cornerstones of consultative medicine.

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Telehealth changes from 1 July 2022

5 July 2022|

Telehealth changes from 1 July 2022 The Department of Health has confirmed the telehealth services for initial and subsequent attendances that will be permanently rebated through the MBS where delivered by videoconference, and minor attendances that will be permanently rebated when delivered by telephone or videoconference. Information on the permanent [...]

Government’s decision removes access to phone consultations

1 July 2022|

GOVERNMENT’S DECISION REMOVES ACCESS TO PHONE CONSULTATIONS The Federal Government today decided not to extend access to telephone consultations for patients of consultant physicians and paediatricians. AACP President Terry Stubberfield, a rural paediatrician, said: “This decision will have a major impact on many patients – the elderly, the immuno-compromised such [...]

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