Membership Fees

The membership year runs from 1 January to 31 December, aligning the subscription period with the calendar year. The AACP’s annual due date for subscription fees is 1 January.


Membership Type 2023 Fee (inc GST)
Full Membership $395
Retired Membership $100

New members

Following are the subscription fees for individual membership when joining.

Membership Type

FEE (inc GST)

1 January – 30 September

FEE (inc GST)

1 October – 31 December*

Advanced Trainee $0 $0
FRACP Graduate ** $197.50 $197.50
Full Membership $395 $395
Retired Membership $100 $100

*If you join between 1 October and 31 December you receive the remainder of the year free and pay the full fee for the following year giving you up to 15 months membership for the price of 12 months.

**First year FRACP graduates only. After first year of AACP’s FRACP Graduate membership it changes to Full membership and full fees apply.

Membership Types

Advanced Trainee

Training to be a physician and a Fellow of the RACP

Eligibility Criteria
Registered full-time in the Advanced Training Program with the RACP

Annual Fee:
$0 for duration of training

FRACP Graduate

Doctors in their first year with their FRACP qualification

Eligibility Criteria
FRACP Graduate

Annual Fee:
50% discount to first year = $197.50

Full Membership

Doctors in private practice or private/public hospitals

Eligibility Criteria
FRACP qualification

Annual Fee:

Retired Membership

Doctors who have fully retired from active clinical practice

Eligibility Criteria
No longer working

Annual Fee: