Introduction of foreshadowed

“30/20 telephone rule”

On 1 October 2022 changes to the prescribed pattern of services were made by the Department of Health with the introduction of the new ‘30/20 telephone rule’.

These changes, foreshadowed earlier in the year, will have an impact on consultant physicians and consultant paediatricians who provide relevant telephone items under the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS).

The Benefits Integrity and Digital Health Division within the Department of Health and Ageing has developed a resource with information to help explain these changes and to assist with the introduction of the new rule. This compliance resource is available on the Department’s website at new Fact Sheet for the 30/20 rule. You can also access a policy resource here – MBS Online – Medicare Compliance and Telehealth Services.

If you have any questions or concerns in relation to this information, please contact the Department of Health via email at