AACP Campaigns

Support for training medical students, interns and GP registrars

The AACP has previously submitted to the Department of Health and to the MBS Review that there needs to be support for physicians and paediatricians who provide training for medical students, interns and GP registrars, and we continue to press for recognition.

While many of our colleagues enjoy the experience of having trainees work alongside them, ensuring they receive the necessary training takes time and has an impact on the efficiency of the practice. This training is not currently supported by existing training programs and the AACP is seeking support from the Commonwealth for practices that participate in such training.

The AACP considers that a “good” training experience of medical students and interns that can be provided by consultant physicians and paediatricians will support the choice of a career pathway towards consultative medicine. The AACP is seeking tangible recognition of this work – ideally through the Medicare arrangements.