AACP Campaign

Referral to Allied Health Services

The AACP is striving to correct the anomaly whereby patients are not eligible for MBS reimbursement for allied health services following attendance for consultation or review under MBS Items 132 and 133. Patients are only eligible for benefits after MBS Items 110 and 116.

Similarily, direct referral by consultant physicians and paediatricians to allied health providers does not at present entitle patients to a Medicare rebate for the allied health service. At present the patient has to return to the GP with a recommendation from the consultant physician or paediatrician and if the GP (with a Health Care Plan) refers the patient to the allied health provider, the patient can obtain a Medicare rebate for the service. The AACP argues that a consultant physician or paediatrician referral to an allied health provider (where the patient has a valid Health Care Plan) should entitle the patient to a Medicare rebate; this should not create additional referrals, nor diminish the pivotal role of the GP, but should be to the benefit of the patient, who can commence allied health treatment without delay.